How to install Enterprise apps in iOS 9 in 9 Steps

How to install and trust an enterprise app!


You’ve received an enterprise IPA and you’re confronted with this screen. What do you do?

Well, this 2min article will guide you through the process of installing an enterprise .ipa.

Enterprise vs Standard

The vast majority if not all of the apps that currently reside on your phone will indeed have been obtained by downloading directly from the Apple Appstore. The enterprise account allows you to install .ipa’s(The extension name of iOS bundled apps) to iOS devices without the need to use or upload to the app store. If you have a standard account and try and distribute them outside the Appstore then you’ll probably find that they won’t work unless that specific device has been registered with the Apple developer portal. Enter Enterprise builds, these builds can be installed on any ios device, regardless of whether the UDID(Unique device identification) has been registered to the developer portal. This allows for quick distribution of apps within your enterprise.


How to install

  • Launch Settings from your phones home screen.


  • 2.  Tap on General.


  • Tap on Profiles & Device Management.


  •  Tap the name of the distributor under the Enterprise App section.


  • Tap “trust name of the distributor”

  • Tap Trust (You will only need to do step 7 and 8 if you had no internet during the first 6)

  • Tap Verify App
  • Tap Verify
  • Enjoy the app


As you can see its relatively easy to install enterprise apps onto your iOS Device. But do be wary when doing so and only every install apps from a trusted source.


Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like to request a particular tutorial then do so by leaving a comment below.